I know as a woman in business you have many plates to spin and the thought of finding time to squeeze in one more thing can be, well exhausting!

I would go into great detail about how the mind creates lack but to be honest, I don’t have the time!!! I will explain more about that and how you can create time you never knew you had on The Manifesting Money Miracles Day.

You may be thinking why would or should I consider spending a day working on my business and not just in it? Let me share with you 5 reasons (and there are loads more) why your business and life will change forever when you come and spend the day with us.

1. Ripple effect – When you change your beliefs everything around you changes. What you believe is possible, what you believe you can achieve and what you believe you deserve. Together we will discover hidden beliefs that may be keeping you stuck and replace them with beliefs that will allow abundance into your experience. Abundance means different things to different people, more clients, more income, more family time or more holidays!  Whatever it means to you, I can promise you lots of it. You will walk away with a plan of how to get more of what you want in your business in the next 12 months.

2. Setting your intention – Nothing is by coincidence, you are not reading this by accident. On some level whether you realise it or not you have been asking for help. Help to get out of your own way, help to get more clients, help to improve your income or help to grow your business. The opportunity has arrived giving you exactly what you’ve asked for. Are you ready to act on it?  You know you’re ready for the next step, get excited about what is coming and let me do the rest.

3. Saves you time and money – Woah, I can hear you say, what exactly do you mean by that? It takes a day of your time and costs you £33, how is that saving you time and money? Let me explain….. Everything I share with you on the day can be implemented in your business and life immediately. Simple mindset techniques and strategies that will have an instant impact to activate your true potential and give you a giant leap in growing your business.

4. Making new connections – I am bringing together women in business from all over the UK, from all walks of life and all with unique businesses. This will be a fabulous opportunity to connect, collaborate and even acquire new clients. One of the fastest ways to grow your business is to attend live events and with people, you’ve never met before. Join us to make connections that will last a lifetime and transform your business forever.

5. Lasting changes – Stepping outside your comfort zone to experience something completely different will give you results way beyond the actual day. The content is brand new and designed to identify and remove any resistance to expanding your business and allowing abundance in. I will help you grow in confidence and belief and give you everything you need to make a great start to get the business and life of your dreams.

One huge dose of inspiration wrapped in a fun filled, motivating day. Are you coming?

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