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Financial freedom is an inside job!

Your happiness doesn’t lie in your bank balance and if you think that it does then there will never be a number you see that gives you that inner feeling of security. Feeling secure comes from within, from the faith, trust, and belief in yourself and your limitless potential.

You can feel safe, happy and secure no matter how much money you have – you are the creator of everything in your life. Let’s create a life you love.  You don’t have to forget one for the other – you can have it all; emotional and financial wealth.

Seeking external validation will leave you feeling disempowered and disappointed. When you learn to love and accept yourself it allows you to step into the truth of who you really are, an extremely talented, beautiful lady who is here to impact the world.

The world is mirroring back to you all your thoughts, feelings and beliefs – it is time for an upgrade and ditch those ancestral patterns and wounds, setting you free to live a life of financial and emotional freedom.

Learning to trust yourself and your intuition is the biggest gift you can give back to yourself. You are constantly being guided but you’re so used to living in your head and ignoring the signals of your soul you miss the nudges from the Universe.

You are born to thrive but until you release all the old ancestral beliefs, upgrade your energy so that you can step into your full power life will seem like a rollercoaster. Isn’t it time to set yourself free forever?

From boss to broke and back!


Back in 2007, I’d been running a successful company for almost 20 years. However, working in an industry I hated left me feeling miserable and trapped, my stress and anxiety were through the roof.  A voice was telling me there was something bigger out there for me. I had two choices: either walk away or have a complete breakdown.

Even though the thought of ditching my company was terrifying, in the midst of this chaos, there was a secondary voice that said “it’s all going to be ok, just trust.”

It was as if I had to lose everything, strip it all back so that I could find my soul’s purpose and the true meaning of how life could be.

The only meaning I knew before was outside of me – the external, the material wealth but that was at the cost of my emotional wealth and happiness. The more I acquired or achieved, the bigger the hole became in my  heart.

In letting go it allowed my true path to appear. it was during a free weekend with the coaching academy that I had an epiphany – I knew how to bring out the best in people, especially women.

I started out as a generic life coach but I soon realised there was a common theme with my female clients – no matter how talented they were, they lacked the confidence to match their ability. When I shifted their energy and ancestral beliefs, their confidence skyrocketed and the by-product of this was effortlessly attracting more clients and income.

I wanted to live to my full potential and help others achieve theirs too and have a life full of joy, happiness, excitement every single day.  Travel around the world, staying in luxury hotels, and experiencing the best life has to offer to match the exact same feelings I have inside – I am gifting myself with the richness of emotions – giving myself the freedom to be happy and joyful every single day.

Abundance/Wealth richness – living the fullest expression of life just being me! The truth of who I really am and unapologetically make lots of money too, be happy and rich.

Walking away from the corporate world and trusting I’d find my path, there was a darkness inside of me just eating away at me, stopping me live in the truth of who I really was. I had to be the person people expected me to be to fit into the corporate world – or so I thought. Eventually, the external rewards were never enough – the force of living in happiness and joy was just too great to ignore, I owed it to my soul.

Knowing I had a natural ability to bring out the best in others – a ridiculous thing, that the obvious had eluded me for all of my life.  some part of me chose to ignore the facts until it was so blatantly obvious hit me like a meteor shower – that is when the next chapter in my life began. I knew what I was here to do – to help others live the best version of themselves and be true to who they really are.

Choosing to lose everything to gain so much more – I wish in the tormented days and nights that followed my drastic decision, I’d have held more faith.  On the dark days, I felt myself sinking into the pit of fear like quicksand. But screaming louder was the voice, the inner knowing, “let go and let it all unfold with divine timing”

Stepping into your full power is like the curtains coming up for you to take centre stage of your own life!

After just one hour coaching Megan, manifested a job worth £2,600, increased her Instagram followers by 11,500 to 73.500 followers in 10 days and posted a video in Instagram that got 6.8 million views!!

I was offered £4k for one days work, I'm totally gobsmacked, it's the most money I've ever made. I will mean I am out of overdraft since the age of 18.

Michele Walsh this is all your fault btw!!!

Megan Rose Lane - Instagram Influencer

Within 4 months I handed in my notice in my employed job, my income has quadrupled and I went from a small team of 4 to 25 within 3 months, which has given me unbelievable choice around my time.

Niamh Mourton - Arbonne Area Manager

I have had some of the best months financially since but the real essence is, I am proud of me!

Within 4 weeks of working my family and friends started noticing a difference in me. Within 4 months my business has just over double, this would not have been possible to dream this without the guidance and support of Michele

Satie Punglia - Utility Warhehouse

Within 4 months I handed in my notice in my employed job, my income has quadrupled and I went from a small team of 4 to 25 within 3 months, which has given me unbelievable choice around my time.

Rebecca Cross - Dove Hearing Centres