Confidence coaching for women. Unlocking your potential and manifesting your next level success are my passion in life. 

It took me a while to realise this was my higher purpose.

Back in 2007, Id been running a successful company for almost 20 years. However, working in an industry, I hated left me feeling miserable and trapped. Constant thoughts of needing to escape eventually manifested into my reality. (Lesson #1: what you think about you create.) However, what I didnt realise then was that I should have asked for a more favourable exit. (Lesson #2: its all in the detail.)

I went from successful boss to broke and bewildered overnight. 

We’ll keep the backstory for another time but suffice to say the lessons learnt have enabled me to find the success I enjoy today.  Having faith, trust and belief that I was meant for something much bigger and better has, thankfully, led me to create a dream life I love, one which I didnt even know existed!

And because I’ve been penniless and scared, and because I know what it’s like to lose your confidence overnight, I know I can help you turn your life around just like I did.  I can help you bounce back and enjoy all the success, joy, happiness and abundance you’ve ever wanted.

Remember you were born to THRIVE not SURVIVE. 

Wanting more doesnt mean youre greedy, either, so please get that idea out of your head. When you make more money, you have more freedom, choice and flexibility. You can help more people and enrich more lives. Thats all part of the universal flow of abundance. Its a win, win for everyone!

So, if youre ready to enhance your confidence, work on your money mindset, boost your self-esteem, and attract all the success you deserve (just like I have) Id love to connect with you. Once you discover the mindset secrets to running a successful business, youll wonder why you struggled for so long.  Believe me, I know.


I am absolutely delighted to have received this confirmation. I’m a finalist for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award category at the 2018 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards!