The tips I want to bring you this week are a combination between charging what you really want to charge your clients and time management. Now you are probably thinking how these two match up…well here’s the thing, if you don’t have enough income in your business and in your life then the easiest way to increase your income is put your charges up. Now I know this is difficult one because putting your charges up is directly linked to how you value and see yourself and that can vary more or less from day to day from moment to moment how you’re feeling about yourself and your business

I see this so often where an entrepreneur maybe starting out in business and their charges are quite moderate and quite low and they are getting busier and busier but the difficulty is they are running out of time. Now there are two things to consider when you’re time deficient one is to instantly double your prices so that means you get better quality clients but they don’t take up as much time or secondly it’s about leveraging your time and perhaps delivering your product or service as one to many as opposed to one to one.

There is no other way of making better use of your time and energy other than these two ways, you have either got to work with less people but charge them more or in fact you’ve got to find a way of working with a group of people on a one time only so you are getting paid more than once for delivering the same content.

So think about it, where are you at in your business with regards to income and the time that you have. Do you feel like a headless chicken that’s racing round not knowing what to do next because you’ve got so many hats to wear?

Breaking through to the next level in your business is much easier than you think and when you think of putting your prices up you may be coming from a place of thinking actually it’s been hard work finding this many people to pay me this amount of money, if I double my charges then it’s going to make it doubly difficult.

Breaking through to the next level in your business is much easier than you think…

You could not be farther from the truth, it’s absolutely not true when you step up in yourself and realise the value that you’re giving you are giving out a different message. So is it time that you stepped up in your business and in your aspirations? We have the New Year coming up and so you can really think about the things that you can put into place to really accelerate the income and clients into your business.

I hope this has been helpful and I’m really looking forward to connecting with you next week.

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