Do you let your thoughts get the better of you?

Can you actually feel yourself slipping into a pit of negativity?

Problem is when you do that it creates a block in your progress and takes longer to get the results you are looking for in your business.

There is nothing worse than drowning in your own negative thoughts, when everything seems to go from bad to worse. I absolutely know how that feels and I’m sure many of you can resonate too?

Your thoughts are on a spiral up or down and once you go down with your thoughts the further down you go, the harder it is to snap out of it.

Where do these negative thoughts come from?

Well, I hate to say this but it starts with you, you plant a seed of thought or maybe some-one else did (unknowingly) and then without what seems little effort you insist on making it bigger and stronger and before you know it, it’s all got out of control and you’re in a downward spiral.

Then before you know it fear, doubt and worry set in…am I good enough, will I get all the clients I want, how can I increase my income, the self talk in your head gets louder and louder and more believable.

If you’re resonating with this, don’t worry, you’re absolutely normal, you just need to cre-ate new thoughts and habits that serve you better to give you the expansion in your busi-ness and life you’re looking for (and deserve)

* Tune in and become uber sensitive to your thoughts. As soon as you catch yourself on the precipice of a downward spiral make the decision to STOP them in their tracks before they take hold. YES, you can actually choose to think something different.

Honestly you really can. When you get stuck in this pattern of negative thought, here’s what you can do

You may have gotten into a bad habit of thinking that doesn’t serve you, but habits can be broken and much easier than you think.

When you get stuck in this pattern of negative thought, here’s what you can do…..

* You need to change state, yes, change the state of mind you are in and the sooner the better.

*Have a change of scenery. Change where you are sitting or standing to ignite a new neural pathway allowing you the opportunity to ‘break state’ and start to think something different.

*Play music to change your trail of thought, have a music track that really lifts you and reminds you of happy times. I have a Big Vibe Playlist, full of the songs that get me con-nected to happy, carefree, fun times. If you don’t have one, create one now – you’ll get to love it and as soon as you here one of your favourite songs, you’ll be in a different thought zone.

*Go for a walk, get some fresh air and walk in nature, reconnect with all that you have around you. The minute you let go and allow other more beneficial thoughts and feelings to come in you have created a new state of mind.

* Call a friend or colleague, that you know can lift your energy, be aware of the mood hoovers who will just suck you lower and into their pity party and vortex of misery.

* Read your testimonials – connect to the real reason you do what you do and the differ-ence you make to your clients.

Remember it’s just old habits that no longer save you, if you want a different business and life you HAVE to start thinking and doing something different.

If you are struggling to get the expansion and success on your own apply now for a Discover Your Potential Call,  you need is inside of you but maybe you need someone to set you free to live the life you were meant to have.

Simple, straight forward tips to help you become the best you can be.

Have a great day,