Our own way. I often see when I am working one to one with my clients that they have a vision and intention of what they want to achieve and then they start running everything from their head. They start over thinking and almost predetermining what’s going to happen in their business.

Here are my top tips to really help you get clear with what it is that you want to achieve but at the same time know what to do to get out of your own way.

Tip one is how many clients are you looking to attract this week then when you have decided on that put it on a goal card on your vision board, on a white board somewhere you can see it every single day and several times throughout the day.

Get clear with what it is that you want to achieve!

The second thing is knowing how not to think the negative thoughts and that’s easy because what you want to do is only focus on what you want. We are not bothered what you don’t want, you’ve probably already got what you don’t want, so in order to turn that all around for yourself only focus on exactly what you want.

Tip three is to plan and measure the action that you are going to take, so you have already decided on how many clients you want this week, what action are you prepared to take to make this happen. Now the clue in this is….maybe you keep doing the same thing with the same people, start to look outside the box a little, start to get some feedback from different places. So if you’re not getting all the clients you want from what you are doing at the moment, look how you can do it differently.

Maybe you can start networking somewhere completely new with a new set of people, maybe you can collaborate, joint venture with somebody who has your ideal clients who maybe you are not connected to at the moment. Really if you keep doing the same old things and you’re not getting the results you want you have no choice but to start doing something different.

Finally really start to visualise exactly what you want to happen so start to imagine taking the phone calls, signing the contracts or actually physically working with new clients that you have decided you want because the power of visualisation is crucial to attracting in exactly what you want.

Don’t get me wrong you can’t just sit there and visualise all day long and not take the action, you do need to take measurable action but if you follow these tips you will make everything much easier for you and start attracting exactly the clients you want in the timescale you want.

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