The blogs I am doing this month are based around appreciation because you know whether it’s learning to appreciate yourself, your clients, what you already have around you, in fact, your expertise this all has a real direct impact on your business and the results in your business.

Let’s start with the most important thing and that is appreciating you because initially you took that leap of faith to start your own business and you know first of all you need to congratulate yourself on two things. If you are starting out in business then congratulations you’ve actually made a start but if you’re still here and still doing it then that takes a great deal of tenacity, focus and determination and you know it’s only the weak and feeble that fall by the wayside. The people who are most successful are those who just keep going because deep in your heart you know you’ve got what it takes to create a really successful business.

Start to get into new habits because as human beings for whatever reason whether it’s from school or teachers or even from our upbringing we are not really taught to focus on how brilliant you are, how amazing you are., just as you are, you don’t need any more qualifications, we are all growing and evolving and naturally you evolve and grow into being better and better at what you do.

They say it takes a thousand hours to become an expert so wherever you are in that level of expertise you are well on your way. Learn to appreciate how much more you know than the average person and whether you’re just starting out or well on your journey it’s really important to understand that level of expertise that you have and a lot of it is actual natural expertise, things that you do so effortlessly you almost take for granted.

It’s time to really start appreciating that people need your skills and expertise and this is where it builds that confidence because your confidence is an inside job. Yes, sure why if you are in that mode of not feeling as confident as you want to be then you can gather all the external evidence that you need to keep telling yourself that you are good at what you do and that you are brilliant and that people do need you in great numbers but really the feeling comes from inside and it’s the stories that you are choosing to tell yourself .

Get into the habit of telling yourself the good stuff , how good you are, there is nothing wrong, British people are really bad at shouting and cheering our corner but if you can’t do it, if you can’t see it then how are you going to expect your prospects and clients to do the same.

Make a habit on a daily basis to look for all the things that are proving to you how good you are and really start appreciating how much you know, how much difference you make and how much better you are getting on a daily basis.

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