I want to ask you a question…..

Have you ever suffered from imposter syndrome?

I am putting my hand up there because I certainly have! Here’s what happens; sometimes if what you do comes so easily and effortlessly to you it can cause you to question ‘can life really be this easy?’

Does this sound familiar?

Let me help you today with three simple things to think about to dissolve any thoughts or feelings you might be having connected with feeling an imposter.

First things first. If you get great results for your clients then you are not an imposter. An imposter is someone who says they can do something and then clearly can’t. They don’t deliver the results for clients, they don’t make things happen, that’s an imposter. However you know in your heart of hearts that you have what it takes to get the transformation and to get your clients from A to B, a different, better, expanded place in their life or business.

The second thing is to be true to yourself, by that I mean, only work in your zone of genius, don’t try and be everything to everyone. If you stick to what you’re brilliant at and don’t take on too many strands of your business where you’ve no experience or where it doesn’t fit with you then you are eliminating any signs or ways that you could be deemed an imposter.

The final step is to gather all the information to prove to yourself that you are not an imposter. If you’re having one of those days where you feel like you’re an imposter then gather the evidence that you need to prove to yourself, it could be written testimonials or videos that will reaffirm to you what an amazing job you’re doing.

Imposter syndrome comes from a fear based feelings, remember you are brilliant at what you do and you know you get amazing transformations, people love you and what you do. You just need to believe it more of the time, this will help eliminate those feelings when you slide into imposter syndrome.

If you are ready for more clarity and expansion in your business and life, then why don’t you book in a complimentary exploratory appointment here.

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