I want to ask you, does fear stop you taking action in your business?

I want to share with you today, how you can let go of fear and stop it running your business and your life because it’s getting in the way of what you really can achieve.

Step one to letting go of fear is to monitor those little voices in your head. They’re like little bugs that play out whenever you’re thinking of doing something out of your comfort zone or different to what you’ve done before then the little voices kick in. What will people think, what will people say, well I want to raise your awareness to these simple little things then you can quieten them down and then overwrite them with something that is going to serve you better. In the first instance, you need to raise your awareness, catch yourself, decide to stop it by saying, cancel, cancel, you’re telling your mind, ok, now I’ve had that thought, I know it’s not going to serve me and that you’re ready to cancel it.

The second thing is, once you’ve cancelled that thought overwrite it with something that you do want. A normal fear based response is going to be, people won’t pay me what I’m worth, then overwrite it with an affirmation i.e.; there are more than enough people to pay me what I’m worth. You are giving your mind prompts to think something new, something that will bring you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

The next thing to understand is, you are the creator of your business and life, you have a blank canvas and you are creating it moment by moment, so be focused on what you’re creating and how you’re going about it.

 You can choose to think, be do or have anything you want in any one moment, be mindful and monitor those thoughts and feelings you’re having most of the time. 
Create your business from the inside out, create it from a place of starting to believe in yourself, starting to believe people really need what you have and let that old fear just go quiet.

The final step is to replace any old beliefs that no longer serve you and aren’t doing you any good with something new. Once you have quietened down the fear and said an affirmation of how you want your life and your business to be you can start to create new and bigger beliefs. You’ll get more of what you focus on so infuse every part of your mind and waking thoughts with the beautiful clients you can help, the connections that you want to make and the results that you can get for your clients.

If you can implement these simple steps it will transform how you feel about your business and the opportunities that will come into you.