Find your Path of Prosperity

with Michele’s 6-Week Game Changing Program

  • Are you pushing yourself to the limit every day because you think you must work super hard to achieve prosperity and success?
  • Do you constantly come from a lack mindset? Lack of clients, lack of income, lack of time and lack of energy?
  • Are you struggling to attract prosperity in to your business and life?
  • Is your self-belief and business confidence at an all-time low?
  • Are you ready to claim prosperity in all areas of your life?

You’re going to love my Path of Prosperity program. It’s a fabulous mix of self-belief, energy and confidence coaching, with a sprinkling of prosperity mindset magic to help you get immersed in the abundance mindset zone.

I created this content-packed program for female spiritual entrepreneurs, just like you, if ……


  • You’re sick of working hard and still being broke
  • You’re ready to tap into the infinite potential inside you
  • You know there is much more to life than what you have right now.
  • You want a successful business and freedom-based lifestyle
  • You have a passion for helping more people who need YOU!

This 6-week life changing coaching program:

  • Provides you with the support and accountability you need to find your own path of prosperity once and for all.
  • Offers an amazing online community of like-minded female spiritual business owners (who will lift you when you’re down and shake their cheerleading pom poms to celebrate your successes).
  • Teaches you how to align with the energy of the prosperity you desire with ease (by tuning in to your inner potential).
  • Is delivered in easy-to-digest weekly modules (to fit around your schedule).
  • Includes live training modules, videos, audios, worksheets, monthly coaching calls and Q&A calls (all in bite-sized chunks which won’t overwhelm you).
  • Has powerful meditations (which you can download as MP3 audios and listen to over and over again).
  • AND gives YOU lifetime access to this exclusive bonus program too.

My previous clients are enjoying an abundance of amazing results  – a new house, a baby, round the world travel and even 50k – and if you’re ready to invest in you and your prosperous future, you could be one of our success stories too. 

The investment for this exciting program is just £997 (payment plan available) – I’ve kept it as affordable and manageable as possible because I know that this game-changer is exactly what you need to align to your prosperity path and use it  every time you want to uplevel your prosperity, for the rest of your life.


I am absolutely delighted to have received this confirmation. I’m a finalist for the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award category at the 2018 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards!