How are you measuring your success?

There isn’t a female entrepreneur that I have met or spoken with, that doesn’t think they should’ve been further on from where there are now. Whether that is related to; how much income they are earning, how many clients they’re working with or how much more work life balance they have in their life right now. Whatever their basis for measuring success, they really do think that they would have achieved more and be experiencing more success by now.

Does this resonate with you?

Honestly, there is trickery going on in your mind that is preventing you from seeing the full picture (the truth). Let me explain;

Despite all that you have achieved and how far you have come your mind is choosing to only see all that you have yet to achieve. Basically, you’re being hard on yourself. Again, no surprise there!

One of the prime basics of manifesting and attracting more into your business (and life) is about being grateful for what you already have.

I want to help you today by getting your mind to focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you’ve got left to go.

Step One

Take a moment to list all your achievements that you’ve achieved in the past six months, however big or small. Don’t overlook the small things that have happened in your business (and life) because they really do make up the bigger picture.

Step Two

Put this list somewhere you can glance at regularly, to keep you motivated and recognise just how far you have come. Maybe it’s all the new clients you’re working with? All the more income you’ve created? Maybe it’s the systems and processes that you’ve put in place in your business?

Step Three

There is no final destination. There is no such thing as ‘there’ because when you get there you move the goal posts so that all of a sudden ‘there’ has moved! You can also become so fixated on the imaginary destination of ‘there’, you forget to enjoy the journey!

Success Tip:

The secret is to learn to access happiness, contentment and joy now, and you will attract more of the things to make you happy, contented and joyful.
It sounds so simple and it is! Making this your focus can change not just your business but your world!