Straight into the tips again this week, I want to ask you something do you over-deliver with your clients? The thing is as a woman we are used to giving, giving more than we receive.

The problem with this is two things; one is if you give everything to all your clients then you cannot differentiate between the different levels at which somebody can work with you and secondly it might be overwhelming for your clients and therefore you are not going to get as great a result.

It’s all about less is more so think about whatever you do for you clients by making it more concise and more precise to get a better result. You see your clients aren’t buying your time they are buying the result you are getting for them, so move away from the idea that people are buying you by the hour or by the session. They are buying a program of transformation in some way or another.

Really think about when you are putting elements of your work and programs and the way people work with you together don’t overload. It’s better to under promise and then you can over deliver in another way but the delivery is in the result you get.

It’s better to under promise and then you can over deliver…

I often see people making themselves accessible 24/7 by email and text, have your boundaries set in place, give your clients everything they need but not more than they need and that way you will feel happy, you will feel valued, your clients will distinguish the different packages so that those people at the top end of your packages, they do get the all singing, all dancing and more of your time but you cannot give it to everybody or you are undervaluing what you do. Remember less is more.

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