You have lots of plates to juggle, lots of hats to wear and lots of different tasks and things to undertake but here’s the thing, if you don’t make time to market and grow your business you’re going to be going round and round in the same time trap that you’ve always been in.

Here are my top tips to learning to say no.

Learn to say no to those people who are always asking something of you, now that could be personally or business and when I say always asking something of you, you know that it’s not just going to drain you of physical energy but it’s going to drain your mental energy. It’s a very difficult thing learning to prioritise yourself but really if you don’t put yourself first you’re not going to be any good for anybody else anyway.

Tip two, never ever automatically say yes without thinking it through, give yourself the gift of that breathing space, so whether you are on the phone, whether you are having a conversation with anybody or whether it’s a member of the family or even if it’s a business proposition. Always take that time to process the thought of asking yourself is it something I want to do, be or have. You give yourself that little bit of mental time to give yourself the space to consider whether whatever somebody is asking of you is actually what you want to do.

The thing is there will be people around you in business and in your personal life who know that automatically you will say yes to everything and sometimes this comes as a little bit of a surprise when you decide to make that change and start prioritising yourself and your business. It takes a little bit of nerves of steel to do it first of all but once you have done it, it’s really liberating and also it means you are giving yourself that time to prioritise what’s most important to you right now.

My third tip is learning to say no to a business opportunity that isn’t the right one for you. Now there are lots of different reasons why you should really consider this and that’s because I know maybe if you don’t have all the clients you want or the income you want it’s very easy to say yes to everything or yes to every client because you are just focused on getting the income so it really doesn’t matter whether that clients the right fit or not.

I know there will be more than one person who is listening to this now will know that when you have made that snap decision and said yes regardless of taking into consideration all the different factors often it turns into chaos. They turn into a nightmare client, maybe they don’t show up, maybe they take more time and energy from you and they don’t mirror who you truly are.

Tip four is to really be clear on what you are prepared to say yes and no to, have your boundaries in place you can either write them down or you can actually practise them in your mind so that you know what you are going to say in any given situation because once you’re clear about what you’re going to say yes to and no to then everybody else around you will mirror that.

My final tip is this, start putting this into practice as soon as you can because like I said earlier, it’s so liberating, it frees you up emotionally, physically and mentally.

Learning to say no to the wrong things gives you so much more time to say yes to the right things and that’s really what you want when you’re looking to grow a thriving business.

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